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DBE/SBE Filtering

EasyLinkPro© by Whitley & Siddons now has powerful search and filtering cababilities related to DBEs and SBEs. This feature is included with most subscriptions that work with our EasyLinkPro software starting with version 2.66. Some of the features include:

  • Filter for all active DBE or SBE contractors currently working for TxDOT
  • Further limit this list by NAIC (Category) codes, such as Landscaping or Trucking
  • By viewing the filtered lists by "Job", you can then further filter for subs working for a specific Prime Contractor, or on certain roads, or in certain districts, or any combination thereof.
  • Easily generate emails or mailing labels of your filtered lists
  • Export data to Excel, PDF, Email, Labels
  • Generate mailing labels/emails for an upcoming "Meet & Greet" event - No problem
  • Find all landscape DBEs working in a certain TxDot District - No Problem
  • Find all DBEs or SBEs working for a certain Prime Contractor - No Problem
  • Generate an RFQ for a prime to solicit bids from subs - No Problem

Check out the Tutorial Videos below:
Subcontractor DBE/SBE Tutorial
Create an RFQ Tutorial

You can DOWNLOAD EasyLinkPro from the data file section after logging into your account or if you're already using our EasyLinkPro software, you will be notified when new versions are available whenever you synchronize your data.

As always you can contact us at 512-477-9491 or email us at support@WhitleySiddons.com