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A Hot Sheet of municipal, county and other local projects coming up...

Whitley & Siddons would like to keep you informed about projects coming up outside of the TxDOT lettings. Our Regional Bulletin is a statewide report that summarizes the classified advertisements and other public notices from around Texas into one mega-list of projects. 

The focus of this service is to highlight upcoming bids that would be of interest to the contractors, suppliers and service providers within our industry. These projects range from underground utilities, bridges, parking lots, bike trails, drainage, mowing, asphalt rehab, lighting, culverts, guardrail, sidewalks and the like. Essentially, anything that you might find within a TxDOT proposal would be included in the Regional Bulletin.

Whitley & Siddons recognizes the importance of being notified about projects coming up around Texas. With a subscription to the Regional Bulletin, you can avoid searching through newspapers, websites and other reports that have everything but road and utility work. The Regional Bulletin can be accessed via our web site and with our EasyLinkPro software. It is automatically emailed to you once a week – so you’re not flooded with emails – and you won’t miss an upcoming project. To subscribe to this service, please visit our “Online Application” page. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at support@WhitleySiddons.com or call Brandi at (512) 421-2666.

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