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 TxDOT Services

None HardCopy & Web Access* Web Only Access **
Advance Notices
List of Contractors Receiving Proposals
Lowbid Sheet
Bid Tabulations
Full Web Access Includes all the above Web Only Access plus ScanDOT TX (see below)

* Hardcopy mailout prices will have actual postage costs added in.
** Web Only Access - Includes our free EasyLink Pro software which lets you easily download, view, sort, report and convert your data. Check out the features here.

 ScanDOT Web Access

None Web Only Access
ScanDOT Texas
ScanDOT Oklahoma

 Regional (Non TxDOT) Electronic Data Services

None Statewide Texas
Statewide Regional Bulletin

Blueprint / Proposal Services

None Description
TxDOT Monthly DVD
Individual Hardcopy Plan and Proposal Sets   Plan and Proposal sets can be orderd HERE and are charged at .30/sheet for plans and .10/page for proposals.  Shipping extra.

 Booklet Publications

Billing Price Billing
Dope Books
Published Monthly 
Quantity Send Monthly

No Web Access

$16.95 / each 

Each book allows free listings in the Supplier Index
Bill Cycle

TxDOT Personnel Books - published in December Quantity Send Annually

No Web Access

$24.50 / each

New books mailed in late December